Light Cube Art Gallery – Ronse – Féline Minne – 21.05.2017-18.06.2017 – 6833

Light Cube Art Gallery
St-Martensstraat 12
9600 Ronse
Opening hours
Wednesday up until Sunday 14h – 18h only during scheduled exhibitions
and by appointment

‘Drag Race to the Volcano’

Féline Minne (°1987 Gent) lives and works in London. She studied at Kask, Belgium and Kunstakademie Münster, Germany. Currently she’s fully engaged in her Master in Painting degree at the prestigious Royal College of Art, London. The artist / writer builds her work mainly around characters she created in her early youth. It’s a fictive world she modeled a long time ago, back when she was looking for a way to cope with the rather peculiar reality she was living in as a child. But during her early artistic education, she felt that her teachers pushed her to leave her self-created imagery in favour of a, what they called, more serious genre. In the artist’s words, ‘I had to kill my darling’. Today, many years later, Féline is trying to re-create those characters she loved so much. ‘I’m bringing my darlings back to life.’ Her dreamlike canvasses are an expression of her stories and emotions, brought through symbolism, craftsmanship and humor.
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Galerie Lieve Lambrecht – Merendree – Bea Van Dorpe – 25.05.2017-18.06.2017 – 6830

Galerie Lieve Lambrecht
Oostergemstraat 18
9850 Merendree
Opening hours
Friday up until Sunday 14h – 19h

Bea Van Dorpe (°1944) is vooral bekend omwille van haar monumentale sculpturen in klei.
Haar beeldhouwwerken zijn androïdes, menselijke figuren oprijzend uit het oermateriaal van de aarde en gemaakt met een diepe liefde voor de materie.
Ze staan er zeer vredevol bij, een mengeling van geestelijke vrijheid en vormelijke gebondenheid.
Sculpturen die doen denken aan Pompei, schepsels van een vergeten beschaving in wiens blik de oneindigheid weerspiegeld wordt.
Bea Van Dorpe wisselt het kneden van de klei af met periodes van intens schilderen.
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Galerie Valérie Bach – Brussels – Douglas White – 17.06.2017-20.07.2017 – 6829

Galerie Valérie Bach
rue Veydt 15
1060 Brussels
Opening hours
Tuesday up until Saturday 11h – 18h


La galerie valérie Bach présente la première exposition personnelle de Douglas White à Bruxelles. Elle avait déjà présenté le travail de cet artiste anglais lors de l’exposition collective « Force ofNature » en 2016 sous le commissariat de James Putnam, puis sur son stand au Salon du Dessin Contemporain Drawing Now, à Paris, en mars 2017.
Douglas White est diplômé de la Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art (2000) et du Royal College of Art de Londres (2005). Son travail a été exposé au Royaume-Uni mais aussi en Europe, aux Etats-Unis et en Amérique du Sud. Ses oeuvres font partie de nombreuses collections : David Roberts Art Foundation, Saatchi Collection, Frank Cohen, Cass Sculpture Foundation pour n’en citer que quelques-unes.
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Group 2 Gallery – Brussels – Introspection – 01.06.2017-02.07.2017 – 6824


Gilbert Swimberghe was born in Bruges in 1927. He studied at the Fine Arts Academies in Bruges ( 1940-46 ) and in Brussels ( 1947-48 ). His first works were figurative in the flemish expressionist tradition ( still lifes, portraits and landscapes ). In the 1950’s his work evolved gradually to full abstraction. Swimberghe has participated in the movement of monochrome pictorial and sculptural expression of the late fifties and sixties, like the Zero group ( Mack, Piene, Uecker, Leblanc ), Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Yves Klein, Jef Verheyen a.o.
Prof. Elias wrote that the artist continously investigated the possibilities of working with only one color or a limited combination of multiple shades of that colour. His work is very recognisable is in its limitation and economy of means ( minimalism, less is more ). The present exhibition focuses on the so-called “Grey” and “Blue” periods ( starting in the 1990’s ) of the artist’s career, featuring geometrical forms, especially the triangle.
A fine book about the artist by was published by Snoeck-Ducaju and the Credit Communal of Belgium in 1997.
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Xavier Hufkens – Brussels – Nicolas Party – 19.05.2017-15.07.2017- 6823

Nicolas Party
Three Seasons

For his inaugural exhibition at the gallery, Swiss artist Nicolas Party has executed two site-specific murals that transform the interior while creating a singular environment for a recent group of large-scale pictures and bronze sculptures. Working exclusively in vivid, highly-pigmented chalk pastels – either directly on the walls or primed canvases – Party invites us to rediscover this once popular but now often neglected medium. Respectful of the traditions that precede him on the one hand, but radically extending them on the other, the artist’s handling of the medium is anything but academic. Here, all associations with drawing, delicacy and fragility have been supplanted by a fresh, graphic sensibility and a technique more akin to painting. Unlike paint, however, pastels are blended directly upon the support: a task that requires great exactitude and foresight.
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Artelli Gallery – Antwerpen – About form and colour – 08.06.2017-30.07.2017 – 6822

About Form and Colour, een gewaagde tentoonstelling die schilderijen en beeldend werk in een duo van vorm en kleur samenbrengt. De Zwiterse schilder Lardy en de Belgische Berckmans verleggen grenzen. Lardy met ervaring uit New York en Parijs, brengt dergelijk uitermate verrassend werk .

Berckmans bepaalt mee het hedendaags beeld van kunst.

Artelli Gallery
Mechelsesteenweg 120
2018 Antwerpen
Opening hours
Thursday 12h – 17h
Friday & Saturday 13h – 18h
and by appointment

Barbé Gallery – Gent – Natasja Mabesoone – 18.05.2017-17.06.2017 – 6821

“Jan Cordaat”(detail)|Vernis mou, oliekrijt, stift en grafiet op papier in handgemaakt kader|64 x 48 cm

Natasja Mabesoone – Op z’n janboerenfluitjes

For Natasja, a piece of paper serves as a board game or scene in which pictorial elements are placed toward each other. Elements taken from literature, day-to-day occurences, frivolous characters, or the name of a pencil. In the drawings and soft ground etchings, layered with dormant references and ephemeral images, a scenographic and poetic game is played. The process of etching is facing the quick movement of the scribbles lying underneath or above the varnish. Each work incorporates a cluster of inscriptions which are pasted, traced or gummed, until they become remnants of a viewpoint.

Barbé Gallery
Penitentenstraat 29
9000 Gent
Opening hours
Thursday up until Sunday  14h – 18h
and by appointment

Light Cube Art Gallery – Ronse – Rene Korten – 21.05.2017-18.06.2017 – 6819

Image: detail ‘Witness, 2016, acrylic on masonite, 160 x 122 cm

Spirit Level
solo show with new and recent works

René Korten (°1957 Horn, NL) live and works in Tilburg, NL.

Studied at the Moller Institute NLO Tehatex, Tilburg and the Academy for Art Education, Tilburg where he now teaches art. He exhibited in many galleries and museums: Museum De Pont, Tilburg (NL), Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo (NL), TextielMuseum, Tilburg (NL), Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (NL), Museum Jan Cunen, Oss (NL), Museum Nagele (NL), Stedelijk Museum Roermond (NL), Museum Waterland, Purmerend (NL), Museum Belvédère, Heerenveen (NL), Museo do Douro, Alijó (PT), National Gallery Annex, Cape Town (ZA), IKOB Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Eupen (BE), Stedelijk Museum Aalst (BE).
His works are included in the collections of Museum van Bommel van Dam Venlo, IKOB Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst Eupen, Museum Jan Cunen Oss, Museum Belvédère Heerenveen and in many public and private international collections .
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Nadja Vilenne – Liège – Résonances – part 2 – 29.04.2017-03.06.2017 – 6817

Résonances (part II)

James Lee Byars, Jacques Charlier, Lili Dujourie, Alevtina Kahkidze

Aglaia Konrad, Sophie Langohr, Jacques Lizène

Emilio Lopez-Menchero,Jacqueline Mesmaeker, Guy Mees

Benjamin Monti, John Murphy, Pol Pierart, Valérie Sonnier

Raphaël Van Lerberghe, Marie Zolamian

La résonance est un phénomène selon lequel certains systèmes physiques, électriques ou mécaniques… par exemple sont sen- sibles à certaines fréquences. Un système résonant peut accumuler une énergie, si celle-ci est appliquée sous forme périodique, et proche d’une fréquence dite « fréquence de résonance ». Par extension de langage, elle est aussi faculté de résonner, propriété d’accroître la durée ou l’intensité d’un son, effet produit, écho rencontré, mode de retentissement d’un événement vécu ; elle est enfin ce qui fait vibrer le cœur et l’esprit. Toutes les œuvres rassemblées dans cette exposition ont cette capacité de résonance, en celle qu’elles sont échos et vibrations des états du monde : excès en tous genres, nationalismes exacerbés, combat féministes renouvelés, exode et immigration, multiculturalisme et chocs ou rencontres des cultures, compétition, questions environnementales. Elles sont également résonances à d’autres créations d’un passé plus ou moins éloigné, au cinéma ou à la littérature, à l’histoire de l’art et de la peinture, à celle des arts premiers. Le terme de résonances, au pluriel même, est sans doute le plus à même de rendre compte de ce phénomène de mise en mouvement de l’esprit au contact de l’autre, une mise en mouvement qui oblige au dépassement de ses limites et à l’inventivité d’un autre monde.

Nadja Vilenne
Rue Commandant Marchand
4000 Liège
Opening hours
Thursday up until Saturday 14h – 18h
and by appointment

Tim Van Laere Gallery – Antwerpen – Anton Henning – 18.05.2017-24.06.2017 – 6816

Anton Henning, Pin-up No. 207, 2017. Oil on canvas, 180 x 219 cm. Courtesy Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp.

Tim Van Laere Gallery presents the second solo-exhibition of Anton Henning at the gallery. In contrary to his first exhibition, Henning decided to place the focus solely on his paintings by presenting them in the modernist white cube setting of the gallery-space. The titles of the works accentuate the recurring subjects in the paintings of Henning. This choice in subjects show the vast determination of Henning that not everything has been said and done in art. He begins every painting from scratch, using the unlimited range of his own imagination and pictorial knowledge to continuously reinvent the same subject. For this show he selected numerous flower still life, nudes, a portrait and an interior, which display not only his masterful technique, but also his originality with quality, sincerity and strive for his personal sense of beauty.
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Rossicontemporay – Brussels – 4 exhibitions – 20.05.2017-15.07.2017 – 6813










Ch. de Waterloo 690
1180 Brussels Rivoli Building 17
Opening hous
Thursday & Friday 13h – 18h
Saturday 14h – 18h
and by appointment

Zwart Huis – Brussels – Colin Waeghe – 20.05.2017-08.07.2017 – 6812

Postcards from Teramachi 2-3-4
Colin Waeghe

After participating in the group show “wewantosee” at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan in September 2016, Colin Waeghe went back to Kanazawa for a two months residency in the winter of 2017.
There he continued where he left off with the series ‘A hermit’s dream’.
Living alone for two months in an old Japanese house, he became the subject of his own story. Waeghe decided to use his surroundings as the starting point of a new series. By focusing on his daily environment, he lifts banal artefacts from their micro-cosmos into a macro-cosmos.
This results in the exhibition ‘Postcards from Teramachi 2-3-4’, a series of drawings with ink on Japanese paper. Teramachi 2-3-4 refers to the temple district, the address where he lived and worked during his stay in Kanazawa.

Zwart Huis
Ch. de Waterloo 690
1180 Brussels
Rivoli Buiilding 12
Opening hours
Saturday 14h – 18h
and by appointmenty

BOX Gallery – Brussels – Mariane Cox – 19.05.2017-08.07.2017 – 6811


La fascination que le Sud des États-Unis exerce sur Marina Cox remonte au premier voyage qu’elle y entreprit, en 1991. Comme un parcours initiatique à travers la Louisiane et le Mississippi avec, déjà, du coton et de la mousse espagnole, du blues et des fais-dodo, des demeures patriciennes et des cabanes misérables.

Vingt et vingt-cinq ans plus tard, elle y est retournée, s’immergeant à nouveau dans cet univers qui s’est avéré tout autant familier qu’apparemment immuable et intemporel.

BOX Gallery
Ch. de Vleurgat 102
1050 Brussels
Opening hours
Wednesday up until Saturday 14h – 18h

Bernier/Eliades Gallery – Brussels – Valérie Mannaerts – 18.04.2017-01.07.2017 – 6810

Valérie Mannaerts “Real Somethings”

The Bernier/Eliades Gallery is pleased presents the solo show of Belgian artist Valérie Mannaerts “Real Somethings”.
A sculptor as much as a painter, Valérie Mannaerts makes works in a personal language characterized by fascinations with the real and surreal. In her oeuvre, she unites the strength of drawing and sculpting, and moves between the second and third dimension. She sees the autonomy of the work as essential, and her unmistakable hand as the author is always recognizable. In her installations, she often composes peculiar yet familiar stages, which nonetheless insinuate spaces to appropriate, or to live in. Some recognizable, practical objects such as stools, pedestals and curtains are combined with evocative, dreamy drawings or paintings, sometimes also integrating collages of everyday images. The spectator’s senses are awakened by the highly individual, fascinating world she opens through her work.
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