11.11.2020 – 1020 – FicTip – Antwerp – Belgium – Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum

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Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum

The museum is housed in Het Redershuis, an imposing building dating from 1896. Eugeen Van Mieghem [1875-1930] was fascinated by the thousands of emigrants who sailed to America with the legendary shipping company Red Star Line of Antwerp, in search of happiness.

Eugeen Van Mieghem (1875-1930) was a draughtsman and depicted people in the port; using various techniques he captured their lives and characters. On display in the museum are 150 of his works, as well as works by other by Antwerp artists.

Visitors will gain an excellent insight into the world of this very introverted artist, whose work is once again in the spotlight in Belgium and abroad.

The first Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum was inaugurated in Antwerp on March 24th 1993 on the initiative of the Eugeen Van Mieghem Foundation (established by Erwin Joos in 1982).

The museum soon outgrew the building at No. 2 Korte Riddersstraat and on March 24th 1998 it moved to No. 8 Beatrijslaan on Antwerp’s left bank.

A short while later, the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association (RBSA) offered to house the museum in Het Redershuis (The Shipowners’ Building) at No. 9 Ernest Van Dijckkaai. On March 30th 2010 the new Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum was inaugurated there in the presence of the association’s then chairman Nicolas Saverys. Thanks to the patronage of the RBSA, the museum is assured of a home at Het Redershuis until March 2030.

The Eugeen Van Mieghem Foundation, which is responsible for running the museum, has approximately 1,000 members. It receives no subsidies, so the museum relies on the annual subscriptions of its members, help from volunteers and on sponsorship. All the association’s resources are invested in the museum’s collection.

On show in the museum are works by Eugeen Van Mieghem (1875-1930) in a variety of techniques. They are displayed chronologically and particular attention is paid to social and cultural life in Antwerp and Flanders around the turn of the century. All the artworks in the museum either belong to the foundation or are on loan from private collections. During your visit you can also see a film about the artist’s life and consult a number of books which have been published about him.