FicTip – Brussels – Belgium – Clockarium Museum

FicTip presents small museums you can’t mis who presents an outstanding collection of works by an artist and museums who displays the art collection of an art connoisseur and eminent collecteur. To visit after the confinement and restrictions.

The Clockarium, Museum of the Art Deco Ceramic Clock  specializes in the Art Deco faience clock which was the first timepiece affordable to everyone.
During the 1920s and ’30s, it proudly decorated every common home in Belgium and Northern France.

The Clockarium museum is conveniently housed in Schaerbeek, at the entrance to Brussels, in a nice Art Deco house built in 1935 by the architect G. Bossuyt.

More than a thousand ceramic mantel clocks are displayed on three floors:

  • The first floor is devoted to French and Czech art deco ceramic clocks (see a panoramic view).
  • The second floor is for Belgian clocks.
  • The third floor is for art deco ceramic clocks of various origins: German, Dutch, Austrian, Italian and unknown.
    Also, a room is devoted to decadent clocks from the Fifties till now.
  • In the cloakroom on the ground floor, antique and collectible clocks former to 1920 are displayed.